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TD5 Disco 2 rear air suspension

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The air suspension seems to have some issues on the rear. The bags are good, hold air though just replaced one. However it seems not to self level and if I press the lift button it flashes orange but does not lift like it used to.

I am not sure the compressor comes on at all, however it does work.

I have a Hawkeye (quite old version so maybe I need to update) , each side lifts and drops when forced to and the compressor relay acts and lifts both sides at the same time.

I can lift the suspension right up using the hawkeye so it seems to be something to do with the controls.

Any other tests I can do I dont know of on the Hawkeye? and could it be the level sensors..if so how do I check or set them.

No warning lights on dash. I wondered if it needs dropping fully on both sides and restarting?

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Support the body with two jacks at the rear as to have phisycaly even level then go to calibration with hawkeye and consider the jacks as being calibration blocks when it asks about them... then while it's still jacked read the sensor inputs, they should be close to each other... a common problem is bad contact in the sensor's plugs if the sensors are good

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As I recall the sensors aren't expensive, and the plugs are available separately

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