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OT - Seeking help!!

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I’m lucky to have a friend with a farm who let me install a 4 post Koni ramp.

It’s served us well for nearly 10 years now but the uprights are in need of a lick of paint. (And remove some surface rust)

Where I could do with your help is to find replacement stickers that are a requirement of the farm annual safety assessment.

I've done weeks of searching online, I’ve written to Stertil Koni but they aren’t being very helpful. (They want me to upgrade !)




Can anyone suggest how I might get replacements?

Thanks in advance ....


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Photo them. Tidy up with Photoshop, or similar. Print and laminate.



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Or even just replicate them the best you can using MS word or power point and print them off on a sticky label. 

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Posted (edited)

A lot of their manual have the stickers in them but cannot find the manual for the 4040 (google seems to find manuals on their site without login)

I think I did find the manual at http://manualzilla.com/doc/6761558/st-4032---st-4040---velkommen-hos-kim-have?page=22

But no stickers in that but it does have the lubrication table which I think is the red page,

Or the best I could find was


Could translate the wording to make your own from this (found on auction site https://www.bva-auctions.com/nl/auction/lot/37845/12164963?pid=2 )

One for sale at https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/auto-diversen/gereedschap/m1389414991-4-kaloms-hefbrug-koni-2002-ko-4040-4000kg.html

May be ask for more pics of labels?


Or try  a friendly distributor or seller 

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