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Spring hanger plates.


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I have just replaced the bushes on all four corners of the SWB SIII. The spring hangers are threaded on one side and then have a nut on the bolt as well. Should the hanger be free to move or should I do the bolt / hanger up to 'the tightness' and then wind the nut on to act as a lock nut to the hanger? 





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They should be tight, the movement is provided by the rubber flexing. Tighten them with the vehicle on the floor at normal ride height or you'll constantly have the rubber stretched and fail quickly. And don't forget done grease on the bolt shanks! They're a right pain to remove when they've rusted into the bush.... 

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Thanks lo-fi - I thought that was the case but just had one of those brain fart moments this morning.

Yes everything was greased up like a suckling pig at the fair and nothing tightened until after the vehicle had been placed back on its wheels, bounced and driven back and forth a little.

I hope I never have to do the bushes again or can afford to have someone else do them next time. 😏



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