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Axminster Tools


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Has anyone used axminster tools, both as a supplier and/or as an actual manufacturer??

My dad recommended them to me, he seems to spend far too much at their shop and their prices seem good, they also rate their kit (and everything they sell) with DIY/Trade/Industrial use ratings so you know what abuse it takes.

So...opinions and experiences please :)

EDIT: Web address www.axminster.co.uk

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Definite thumbs up, their own brand stuff seems to be sourced decently - ie it's not ****e, the old man has quite a few (is it 'white') own branded tools and they've performed well for his use.

I've got a lovely bench vice christmas pressie sitting here that came from them, as well as an air nibbler. pleased with both.

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Glad people think they are good - i got bored earlier to took the 120mile round trip to go to their shop for "fun" and spent £100 on some air tools and a few bits and pieces. The service was excellent and prices still seem good :)

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