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Getting the hump with not finding W/P Conectors


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Sometimes with the WWW things iz easy,

and sometimes it just seems to fight you and you just cannot get to what you wnat...

Thats where I am at the mo, ...............just cannot get what I want...

.....can some kind soul PLEASE Help ?


I am after a Plug ie at the end of a wiring harness is a Plug, and this plug goes into a socket

......and this plug / socket needs to be rectangular, ..........

and the socket needs to have the ability to be 'surface mounted' to a flat plate with suitabkle hole cut into it,

AND at the back end of the socket have the abiklity to then have wires coming out of it, al la the plug stylee ?

hope this makes ense so far.... :unsure: ...............

Then I want the whole assembly to be 'waterproof', .............or at least close to it.

I have this :

and very very very nice it is too......



Its a 35 pin plug and socket, but getting the pins and bits is proving a nightmare, AND the Socket is for 'PCB Mounting', and not for having fly wires from it..

I have spent HOURS on Farnell, Tyro, RS Comp VWP Simtekuk and other websites,

and just cannot get even close,

.......I can find round ones (ish) but not rectangular ones............. and nothing like the quality above ?

Doesn't need to be 35 pin, ..........can settle for less, ..............or even go twin plug if I really need to ?


Nige :blink:

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Nige, I think your problem is that you won't get anything this specialist over the interweb. My best guess would be some sort of marine supplier - have a word with miketomcat as he might be able to point you in the right direction. I guess the uber expensive weatherproof connectors VWP sell won't do the job?

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How many ways do you actually need?

How waterproof does the connector need to be? - splashproof or submersible?

Why does it need to be rectangular? - almost all the high-spec waterproof connectors are round.

Did you look at Polevolt? - they stock some connectors that most of the usual suspects don't.


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A mate has recently given me a copy of the VW/Audi EPC 'ETKA7' it's covers every VW/Audi car and light commercial since 1947. Once installed you can click on the update button, which connects to VAG and downloads the latest updates and prices.

Browsing through it, I've discovered that VAG sell every connector on their vehicles individually (why can't Land Rover do that? :angry: ), so if you can find a suitable connector on a VAG vehicle, you can buy it from their dealers at quite a reasonable price.

If anyone wants to host a copy for others to download, I'll send them a copy of the two CDs.


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I have been lurking here on and off for a while, but finally have got round to signing up to the forum. Some of you may know me as Mark’s co-driver on occasion (South Wales last Feb etc). I do have a landy myself, owning a 1978 Series III LWB rag-top ex-military beast. Unfortunately it hasn’t gone anywhere for over a year!

Anyway, onto the subject at hand….

I have been looking quite closely at the sort of connectors you are interested for a work project. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot on the market to help you, as in most cases the connector on the enclosure needs to connect down to a PCB. The one you have shown the photo of is actually a pretty good connector, but is only available in large volumes (in the order of 500 per batch), and there isn’t a wire to wire version in the range.

I reckon the best bet would be to try one of the Deutsch Ltd parts. They have a few that may be suitable, dependent on the number of ways you need. For up to 12 way they do a flanged version of their DT series, for 48, 60 or 102 ways they have the DRB series, and for quantities in-between try the DRC series.

Details are on their main site: http://www.deutschipd.com/Products/products.htm , The UK arm of the company is at http://www.deutschltd.com and their main distributor is: http://www.servoconnectors.co.uk/

They are waterproof (to IP67) if the correct wire sizes are used, and blanking plugs are used in the unused positions. They are widely used in industrial equipment (dumper trucks, backhoe loaders etc), and so may be available through spares from companies like JCB as another alternative route. I don’t know of any catalogue distributor that covers the part of their range that you are interested in.

Terminals are crimp types that have to be inserted into the housing, however you will probably find the turned pin versions can be soldered if you haven’t got access to tooling (tools to crimp them are very expensive, even on EBay!)

Hope this helps.

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