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Andy's Landie - Mental health wellbeing tour

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Slightly different post from normal but I wanted to give Andy & his Landy a shout and hopefully spread his Mental Health & well-being message that it really is ok to talk no matter what it's about, but also, as a fellow Landy owner on a long distance trip with an elderly landy, offer some support if he requires it (which he has already).

"Andy’s Landie is a vehicle for talking about mental health, strength and fitness, specifically for men. Andy bought his Series III 1973 Land Rover to overcome his flashback to a patient, trapped in a Land Rover after an IED attack, in Afghanistan.

Andy is travelling around 999 bases and meeting lots of amazing people on his tour, talking about his own experiences and finding out about theirs. This is in support of the UK Search & Rescue Wellbeing & Resilience Framework, which is being pioneered by Mountain Rescue in Scotland.

Andy is picking up passengers along his route and making a short film about their converstaions around Mental Health and Wellbeing. #itsoktotalk #chinwag"

I met Andy as a member of Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue and also helped organise a convoy over the border up to Scotland as a member of Lothian 4x4 Response & our collegues in 4x4 North East. Andy was totally blown away by this.

Having a chat is not just for those on the front line, everyone needs downtime and sometimes a chat is all it takes, whether it's with a friend, partner or a total stranger.

It's really important to talk, which often, sadly comes too late. If you would like to meet up with Andy, grab a cuppa and have a chat then give him a shout at chinwag@andyelwood.com.

Speak to a friend, your partner, a total stranger, or me (a stranger). I'm happy to chat, thankfully I chatted with someone and it's really helped. 

It's ok to be not ok. 



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