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Limp home mode on a Disco 2

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Recently my 2003 Disco TD5 has occasionally shown the 2 green lights on the dash blinking (limp home mode) when I reverse and then switch to drive.  They reset immediately if i stop and start the engine.  

When this happened a few years ago it was as a result of the sender on the accellerator being faulty and replacing it cured it fully.

Occasionally it happens when I try to start the car and it dies.  If i retry a couple of times it blinks  .....Bye the Wa I think the engine dies due to the engine ECU not reading the key correctly.  The fix I have come across for that problem is to get out of the car and shut the door hard and set the alarm.  Then start all over again.  Sometimes it needs 2 trys to work but never let me down yet.

Anyhow ............anyone got any suggestions as to what sort of gremlin is living behind the green lights on the dash?


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The flashing M&S lights can be caused by any electrical faults.

Low battery voltage, bad/loose connections to battery, xyz switch going bad, alternator going bad...

Get the fault codes read so you can narrow down the problem.

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