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A few hopefully simple questions

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I'm nearing the end of converting my dads defender to run megasquirt.  So i guess i have to do all the bits i put off because i didn't know what to do at the time 🤣.

He ordered a complete kit from megasquirt V8, it's a 3.5 v belt engine and so came with the appropriate bracket.  The thing is, it goes on the back of the water pump housing.  The original water pump bolts do not protrude out the back, so longer bolts are supplied in the kit.  The bolts have a plain shank, meaning they bottom out on the thread before the bolts stick out the back.  Am i supposed to drill out the thread so that the nut and bolt clamp the lot together, rather than tightening the bolt, then adding the bracket and nut to the back?  If this is the case, can anyone see why i couldn't buy some fully threaded bolts to do this, as i'd rather not drill out the thread in the housing?


The coolant temperature sensor has 2 wires, does it matter which way round they are connected?

Inlet temp sensor - same question.




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Sensors are just resistors, so no matter which way round they are.

What does the instruction manual say about the bolt? Drilling it through may seem not ideal, but not sure in the real world it will matter at all.


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