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Treasure from the scrap man

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I'm with Tanuki on this. Vastly heavy, yet offering no payload area, and yes, moving things, small and heavy....perchance ammunition-boxes?, I can see it.  They're cheap, but there's a good reason for this.

For the rest of us, we've got to be seriously into our Waltdom. This is a shame, those things are made so well it's actually daft. I don't  know anyone making a trailer of better quality? By all rights, they should be brilliant.

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On 8/1/2019 at 10:05 PM, lo-fi said:

Proper job! Those pieces of pipe on the drain holes to stop water running along underneath the plate are a great idea. 


They’re threaded to take bungs so that the trailer floats in deep water.  That makes it very easy to use them as barges for the kit, pulled across water obstacles by rope.

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If this is correct, a Sankey isn't legal....



Brakes need to come on if the trailer comes off while in motion
there should be a cable/chain to connect your trailer and towing vehicle
together, plus some other reasons I am not to clear on.
Members of the EMLRA are looking into a solution to the problems.

That would figure, all my trailers have a break-away cable-op brake. Then again, there's no armed militia going door-to-door to check. However should things go bent - insurers involved - it'd give them a reason to deem cover invalid.

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Both my sankeys have breakaway cables that pull the hand brake on just like any other trailer. It's a very easy retro fit - I don't understand why more people don't do it. Details if anyone wants them. 


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A little bit more treasure from the scrap man it's a Tangye two stage hydraulic pump max pressure 6500psi what that equates to in tons I dont know but it works that's the main thing just need to make a handle for it


Now cleaned up and painted regards Stephen 




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Not from the scrappy but was heading there after being marked for scrap at work ( red x ) been stood outside for about 12 year steering mechanism snapped and wheels seized but hydraulics still work although pressure release needs a new handle no time to work on it as yet but sometime regards Stephen 




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4 minutes ago, Bowie69 said:


From a lorry worksop?

Spot on its from the days when they ran an MRD and did all the wagon repairs in house, they havnt done that for about 25 years now, this machine was  kept inside the building until they decided to fill the pits in scrap the brake testing rollers and get rid of the car lift so they could store equipment in the building instead of using it Regards Stephen

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More like saved from the scrap yard for this one, but I'm not telling yet gonna have a wee bit of fun with this I hope,

more details tomorrow


I know I'm being childish but it will be worth it


did I also mention it was free yep sure was

 Catch you tomorrow regards Stephen

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