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Anybody With An Allisport Intercooler?


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Anybody on here running one of the big Allisport intercoolers in a 300Tdi Defender?

If so, any chance you could post a couple of photos of it with the grille off please, so I can see how much clearance there is around the edges. Particularly interested in the clearance between the cooler and the bottom left hand corner of the radiator surround panel (the bit with the "Defender" sticker on at the top).

I am going to get "something" and preferably the big one but the Milemarker pipes have to go through somewhere and I don't want to have to chop lumps out of the front end as it will weaken the panel. Not sure if there is space or not? Plan B is the smaller intercooler but I prefer plan A - more power Egor :lol:

Ta :)

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On your little islands with their small and poorly serviced roads what are you going to do with more power ??!  :o


in answer to your question



Anyway there's plenty of room - our "little islands" cover an area getting on for the size of Wales :)

I just want something that goes up hills properly - there are lots of those here

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