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My life in cars and on bikes - Now show me yours!

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Most of these were owned by me, but some I was extensively involved with (owned by a partner for example). The list is roughly in order but some overlapped...

I  know it's not all 4x4, but it kind of illustrates the path to  where I am now with two Discos :D

1963: NSU Quickly moped - obtained with a seized engine but came with a spare. Change piston and barrel by myself at age 11yrs... Crashed on very first ride minutes after getting it running :D
1968: Mini (1959, it was knackered! Dad bought it for me to cut my teeth on before my 17th birthday - full engine/clutch rebuild done and mucho bondo bodywork followed... Passed my test in it and then they tightened the MoT and it was scrapped) 
1973: Royal Enfield 250 Crusader
1974: Triumph Bonneville 650 (1968 cafe racer)
1976: Kawasaki KZ750
1977: Ford Escort 1100 Mk1 (decided to settle down and be sensible...)
Norton Commando Mk3 (stuff being sensible!)
Land Rover Series 1 80" with S2 NA diesel (45mph flat out)
Land Rover IIA 109" petrol (not mine but we drove to India in this one in 1978)
Honda C70 (fitted bicyle luggage and toured Scotland on this)
Honda 250
Austin Cambridge automatic
1981: Triumph Daytona 500
1982: Moto Guzzi SP1000 (rode to Egypt on this one - two up in 1983)
Ford Fiesta 1100 Mk1
Honda 400/4
Honda 550/4
Jaguar XJ6 (used nearly as much oil as petrol)
Renault 4 (no ignition switch, trim, or rear seat, and had carboard boxes for rear wheel arches)
Austin Metro (sensible again)
Saab 900
Ford Sierra Estate
For Sierra Saphire

For a while I worked in a scrap yard and picked up and ran a few PoS cars I can't remember...

Ford Escort 1100 Mk1 van
Ford Cortina Mk 2
Fiat Panda 4x4
1993: Austin Montego 1600 (took Dad on his "50 years on European tour" in this one)
Vauxhall Cavalier
1999: Honda CBR600FX (I still have it)

2003: Range Rover Vogue 1990 3.9 (converted to off-road pickup, only sold it last year)
BMW 3 Series 1600 
Citroen Xantia
Peugeot 504
Nissan Micra (great engine but turned out to be a cut & shut abortion - scrapped)
Discovery 200TDI 1996
2012: Skoda Octavia VRS Estate (2003, Ex-police. Very fast - possibly chipped. Put 110,000 miles on it with absolute minimal maintenance... Anyone want it for free? It still runs but wouldn't pass an MoT)
2015: BMW R1200R LC 
2017: Discovery TD5 (2003) 
2018: Discovery 4 (2013)

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That's a heck of of turnover of bikes and cars, despite your lengthy time on the roads.

By contrast I'm almost a one brand driver:
1988 - 1989: 1980 Ford Fiesta 1100 (mk1)
1989 - 1994: 1972 Landrover 88" 2.25P
1994 - 2014: 1986 Landrover 90 V8
1995 - 2004: 1961 Landrover 88" soft top 2.25P, project car that became a V8
2004 - present: 1990 Range Rover Vogue SE, daily driver for a number of years, now awaiting revival.
2014 - present: Landrover 110 V8 CSW - work horse, weekender and off roader
2017 - present: 2002 Mercedes E220 CDI estate. Voluminous, family haulin' motorway munchin' all round great car, and by FAR the most economic motor I've ever owned 🤣


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4 minutes ago, mickeyw said:

2002 Mercedes E220 CDI <..>  by FAR the most economic motor I've ever owned 

Wow! It even beats the Fiesta? :D

I am impressed by your fidelity... Perhaps my cars reflect my character and explain why I never got married! ;)

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2005-2006 (1994)renault clio 1.2(first car, little rocketship)

2006-2007 (1998)ford fiesta 1.1(a little slug, didnt move!)

2007-2013 (2006) renault laguna 1.9dci (sold to my mum, she wrecked it and traded it in for £500 in 2017 grrr.)

2012-2015 (1994)land rover discovery mpi (ragged it, traybacked it, got Mildly miffed off with it, scrapped it)

2013-2013  (1999)range rover p38 4.0se manual(couldn't live with the thirst!)

2014-2015 (2001)saab 9-3 2.2 tdi(used as a van whilst doing up house)

2015-2017 (2006)kia sorento 2.5 cdti auto (great car, couldn't live with the thirst.

2017-present (2005)Mazda rx8 waaaaankle! (awesome machine. now my track car)

2018-present (2005)renault laguna 1.9dci estate (i do love them, wish id never sold the first one to my mum.)

plus all the bikes, but the list would get a lot longer.

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3 mini saloons.

2 mini vans.

I mini cabriolet.

4 mini Marcos.

6 mini Jem's.

1 mini Jem estate.

1 abs freestyle.

1 series 3 88".

3 200tdi discovery.

4 110s (still have one).

1 range rover classic.

1 90.

1 tomcat.

1 ibex (still have).

1 Skoda Octavia estate.



MZ skorpion sport.

Honda firestorm.

Africa twin (I wrote this off).

Aprillia caponord.

I think that's it but don't ask for them in order. Quite a few were donors and several more never made it to the road before being sold on.



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Toyota Celica 2.0 auto ~1982

Nissan micra 1.2 (given by my gran when she gave up driving) 

Land Rover 2A 88 soft top (my aunts, but she never drove it and I did. Lots) 

Toyota MR2 1.6 - 1986 

Toyota MR2 1.6 - 1989 (loved the MR2's, hated the rust) 

Land Rover 88 S3 3.5 V8 (hilarious but heroically knackered) 

Land Rover 109 S3 2.25 petrol, later converted to 3.9 V8 (still have) 

Mazda RX7 - 1993 2.6 twin turbo (worst car I've ever owned. Unmaintainable money pit of the worst kind ever conceived. Even worse than a Land Rover) 

Audi A4 1.9tdi quattro - 1994 (reached 370K. Fantastic car)

Audi A4 1.8 turbo quattro - 1996 (still have) 


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Not that many for me, I tend to stick with what I have for a very long time.


1 Land rover series 3, which I still own. Bought when I was 17, from news paper delivering round. Intention was to have it running when I got my driving license, which almost succeded.

2 Renault 5 bought from fellow student for a crate of beer. owned for 3 months to get me to a work experience.

3 Fiat 127. Bought for students trackday at Zandvoort. It lasted 3 heats before no2 connecting rod came out


Peugeot 305 diesel estate very good car

Peugeot 405 stdt estate very good car

Peugeot 406 hdi estate very good car

Peugeot 206 hdi not so good

VW polo Bluemotion Very good car, had it for 7 years and still going.

Mahindra Jeep. has potential.



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As follows no particular order just a brain dump

Suzuki GS 250 

Kawasaki Z650 

Vauxhall Viva my first do'er upper 

Series 2a swb the one that got me hooked


  Ford Cortina mk4

VW Polo 

Hyundai Stellar rust bucket

3 x Series 3 lightweights my portal project having been with me for 28 yrs

2 x Series 2a lightweights one I still have

4 x 109 Station wagons

3 x 88" Station wagons

101 forward control wish I still had it was bought to do up but relocated to Scotland and had to get shot of

2 x Bond bugs

3 x 300tdi D1's

2 x 200tdi D1's

Fiat Doblo great car still have it

Ford Ranger Wildtrak still have it

Fiat Ducatto motorhome

Peugeot motorhome still got it

Yamaha LC 350

Kawasaki 1100 Eddie Lawson Replica

2x ZXR 750's

GPZ 900 R

Kawasaki KLX 650

Yamaha XT 550 Loaned to a friend for a job interview who wrote it off and lost his leg big lesson learned there

Honda XL 250

Honda XL500

Husquvarna 400

Triumph tiger cub

Triumph 3ta speed twin

Ossa 250 twin shock

Bultaco Sherpa 

Last but not least 3 x ride on lawn mowers two I still have




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1982 - 1993

Morris Marina mark 1,  1800 4 door

Marina 1300 estate, this got the full 1.8 drive train when that car was scrapped

Ital 1.7slx estate, became a 2.0slx when I found a 2.0 'O' series engine which I rebuilt, sold this car to a guy in southampton in late '93


mid '93 to date my 110CSW.

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Pretty dull for me, in no particular order with overlaps we have had;

'89 ford escort 1.3 bonus (I think the bonus was the mushrooms that grew in the footwells)

'89 range rover classic

'90 Suzuki sj410 (I'd got it to a 1.6, coil sprung, rock lobster, samarai axle, vitara diffs, disk brakes all around 31" tyres by the time it was stolen)

'92 fiat uno 1.1ies (my first car, happy memories!)

'95 Peugeot 105 1.0 (wouldn't warm start so you had to fill with petrol then push off the forecourt until it cooled)

'98 fiat bravo 1.6 sx 

'01 fiat bravo 1.9 jtd 

'02 ford ranger double cab 2.5 (full high vis markings, looked classy at my wedding reception)

'03 Hyundai coupe 2.0 (bought it at a year old from a dealer with 30,000 miles and sold it privately at 2 years old with 80,000 miles and lost an absolute fortune on it)

'06 citroen picasso 1.6hdi 

'07 ford ranger supercab thunder 2.5

'07 ford s-max (still have it and it broke down on the m1 recently in rush hour, quite the tailback, made it to the traffic news!)

'10 isuzu rodeo doublecab plus 3.0

'10 mercedes vito dualiner 2.2 (still going strong at 196,000 miles!)

'15 isuzu d-max doublecab blade 2.5

'17 vw amarok doublecab 3.0 v6 (current runaround)


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This is too traumatic to even begin to write the list......

Waaay too many LR's, Jags, Rovers, Lada's and what had I...



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First car at 16  -  1952 series 1 80”

Avenger 1500 GT

Marina coupe 1300

Series 3 88”

Series 3 lightweight- converted to 3.0 Ltd v6

Series 3 lightweight comp safari motor with tuned 2 1/4

Rover SD1 3.5 ltr

Lada Estate with group A engine

Range Rover pick up

Ford Escort Estate

Ford Sierra Estate

Discovery 1

Discovery 2 auto

Discovery 2 manual

88” hybrid coiler

101 forward control

Range Rover classic x 2

Discovery 3


Discovery 3

Skoda Fabia

110 Defender - still have

Skoda Octavia vrs

Skoda Octavia vrs 4x4

in addition

Honda CB125

Kawasaki GPX250

Honda Revere 600

Kawasaki ZXR 750 H2

Triumph Street Triple 675


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1973 - 74 Morris 1300 Auto (first car - not my decision to buy)

1974 - 77 Valiant (Mitshushi) Galant

1974 - 75 Honda 125 SL

1975 - 77 Cooper 250 Motocross

1977 - 82 Lancia Beta Coupe

1977 - 80 Yamaha 400 DTS

1978 - 85 Landrover Series 1 86

1980 - 96 Kawasaki 250 TL

1982 - 1983 Renault 16 TS (in the UK)

1982 - Now Jaguar Series 3 E-type (bought in the UK)

1985 - 88 Suzuki Sierra LWB

1985 - 87 Honda CBR 550F

1987 - 1989 BMW K100

1988 - 92 Landrover Series 3

1992 - 04 Jaguar XJ 5.3C (wreck)

1992 - 99 Ford Escort Mk2

1992 - 05 Subaru Leone 4wd

1994 - 94 Discovery 3.9 V8

1994 - 05 Discovery 3.9 V8 (update)

2004 - 12 Freelander L series diesel

2007 - Now Kawasaki 250 TL

2007 - Now Series 1 Landrover 88

2008 - Now Series 1 Landrover 88 Station Wagon

2008 - Now Landrover FC 101

2010 - Now Range Rover Sport TDV6

2012 - Now Haflinger 700AP


Some pics


Discovery All Classifieds.JPG



Caves Beach Lookout 1979.jpg

1979 - 1.JPG


Pickup 007.jpg

sw side.jpg



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I've gone through a few:

Triumph Spitfire IV (first car in 2003, put it into the back of a van, rebuilt the front end and overhauled the gearbox on the drive)

Volvo 840 estate 

Volvo 840 estate after the first one disintegrated. 

Land Rover 110 TD

Jaguar XJS 

Renault Mégane (written off two weeks later while parked thanks to a drunkard)

Renault Laguna estate

Discovery 1 200tdi

Land Rover Series 3 (got the engine out of the rotten Discovery above)

Discovery 1 300tdi

Mini 1000

Triumph Spitfire IV

MG Midget 1500


Defender 90

Jaguar XJ40 (only two previous owners and 72k miles, currently hibernating in my garage)

Volvo 440

Jaguar X-type estate 


Discovery 3 as the current transport. 

I'm not prone to keeping cars but the current Discovery does everything so well it's unlikely to go for the moment, although I do have the itch for another Jaguar GT. 




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Learnt to drive in:

Austin Princess

Renault 16TS


Mini Van


Since I have had a license: not in order and sure I have missed several 'cause my brains been ruinned by cider.

1977 Allegro

1980 Mk 2 Escort Estate

1980 Fiesta 1100

1981 Fiesta 1100

Mini 1380

Renault 5 Gordini

Mini Countryman

Golf TS

Fiat x1/9

Golf Gti mk1

MG Maestro

Mini Van

Golf Gti mk2 ( I blew the tuned engine on this resulting in me buying a Series 3 to get to work that day and the rest is history, see LRs below)

Vauxhaul Cavalier

MG Metro

MG Metro Turbo

Austin Montego

Peugeot 405 estate

Mini 1000

Mini 1000

Mini 1275

Mini Cooper (BMW ones from here)

Mini Cooper S Countryman

Mini Cooper

Fiat Punto

Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 Overland with a few tuning upgrades!


Series 3 derv truck cab

1979 RR V8

110 that I still have

Discovery V8 x3

Series 3 SW

Series 2 SW

Discovery 300tdi (scrapped it because I hated it)

Freelander 1.8GS

P38 RR 4.0SE



Right whats next 🙂

Will :😎

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Volvo 240 Estate
Volvo 440 GLT
Skoda Felicia 1.3


Skoda Felicia (same one as above - had 140k on the clock when I gave it to a friends nephew, last heard of in the hands of one of his neighbours still going at 190k - great little car).
Range Rover Vogue SE '93 (the one I wish I'd never sold).
Range Rover ~'86 - MOT failure bought to break, cosmetically and mechanically immaculate. Structurally barely there...
Range Rover ~'91 - Another MOT failure, bought for the stainless exhaust. Was going to repair and MOT before selling but needed too much welding.
Discovery 300Tdi - Agricultural but reliable once I'd put a new gearbox in it. Ex my parents in Scotland, so road salt had done it's worst and spelled it's end.
Honda Civic CDTi  '04 - My wife's. Unexciting but very reliable.
Range Rover P38 DT '95 - Nice tidy car, but got very sick of AA mechanics looking under the bonnet and pronouncing "good engines, these - they never go wrong". Except that one. Never got to the bottom of the repeated overheating issues, despite running up large bills and landing me with a Land Rover ban from my wife...
Honda Civic CDTi '03 - Replaced the first Civic after it was written off in an accident.
Peugeot 307 90hp diesel - Comfortable, practical, reasonably reliable, economical. Extremely boring.
Vauxhall Zafira Tourer CDTi - Actually, I like it. Does what it says on the tin, and does it well. Doubt it was ever on anyone's bucket list, but as a family workhorse it's hard to knock.
Skoda Fabia 1.0tsi Redline - Wannabe hot hatch without any actual hot. Go faster stripes, rock hard suspension, (uncomfortable) sports seats. Actually fairly nippy and looks a lot of fun on paper, but utterly fails to deliver any thrills. Horrible to drive in traffic due to almost no torque at low revs followed by turbo surge. Inherited from my 86 year old father in law...

Pretty boring compared to a lot of you!

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Simply too many to list...

First was a 1976 FSIE

1975 AP50

1976 SS50

All comprehensively written off

AR50 with 83cc big bore kit, all-speed pipe, cast iron rings, fancy reeds - such fun

Passed test on a DT175 twin shock with 125 side panels and acid etch removal of 174cc form the cylinder

Then bought a 1974 H2 750 Triple 'Widow-maker' with all-speeds

Then a fair few English bikes - favourite being the 1974 Triumph T100 Daytona closely followed by the Enfield Interceptor S2

Dabbled in Italian stuff - mainly Moto Morini

The Honda  - best being the Super Blackbird...

Loads of Land Rovers From S1 to D2 - no freelanders

All sorts of other stuff, from Jap pickups to an Audi Quattro RR and a Honda CRX 1.6litre V-Tec Turbo, family barges and now the Mighty Modus


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Ford Corsair 2000E (Passed my test in this)

Triumph Toledo (for 2 hrs)

Ford Escort MK2 1.3

Ford Capri MK2 1.3

Ford Fiesta MK1 1.3 Ghia (Police car ran into the back of me)

Vauxhall Chevete 1.3 (Inherited from my mother due to the Fiesta accident)

Opel Manta GT(Paid for by the police)

Opel Kadett 1.2

Opel Kadett 2.0 GTE

Ford Escort XR3i (Written off)

Ford Fiesta XR2 (Stolen)

Ford Capri 2.8i Awsome speed.

Montego Diesel

Porcshe 944

78 Range Rover with Transit Diesel Engine (Great into to Range Rovers)

85 Range Rover 3.5

Honda Civic (Ex Wifes company car)

87 Range Rover with 3.9injection conversion and later converted to Auto.

91 Range Rover CSK (Still have and plans are afoot for a full restoration)

Audi A3 (Ex Wifes company car)

Freelander V6 ES

05 Freelander HSE TD Auto (First new car did 54k in two years)

Volkeswagen 1.0 (Ex Wifes Car)

57 Freelander 2 HSE Auto

57 Honda Civic  (Bought for my ex wife)

55 Honda Jazz (Ex wife inherited from mother when money ran out)

99 Range Rover Vogue 4,6

55 Ford Mondeo (Finances ran dry due to divorce and recession)

01 Discovery TD5 (Still have and uses every day, Chassis rebuild 195k and counting)

Range Rover 4.6 HSE 

01 Range Rover 4.6 Vogue (Still have and hope to have back on the road very shortly)

07 Mini Cooper Convertible (Still have but needs the gearbox replaced)

99 Discovery 2 ES (Ran until the gearbox went and then used as a donor for my 01 Discovery)

That doesn't include the 7 Classic Range Rovers I have bought and broken for spares or the 5 P38's that have gone the same way or the two Disco two's








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I like to run vehicles for a long time, so I've a fairly short list:

No bikes, I have enough self awareness to know I'd be dead in a year if I got a bike.

Learned to drive:

SWB diesel series three

At college:

Datsun patrol 3.3 diesel, California style (thirsty but a real road presence)

First job (moved to the UK)

Mini clubman estate (oil burner)

Citroen bx (worn out)

Nissan primera (solid, fast, boring)

Robin hood kit car - in storage - will convert to EV, someday.

Series 3 LWB - still used daily

Moved to Ireland

Bentley T1(was going to do wedding cars)

Series 2 xj6l (lovely cockpit)

Peugeot 306 estate (13 years)

Lightweight - under restoration

Swb 2a  - under restoration

Lwb 2a SW - under restoration

Moved back to UK:

Volvo V70 diesel (will keep until the SW is built)

I toy with the idea of a 911, but I think I need to focus.

If a 101 comes up, at the right money, I'll buy it (pre cleared with my wife), ditto a series 1.

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I've owned very few vehicles compared to most people! 


Previously I have owned:

1972  Austin 1300 GT

Bedford Midi Van (can't remember the age - I've tried to forget this as it was the most unreliable vehicle ever!!)

1996 Defender 300TDI

2006 Ford Fiesta

l currently have:

2002 Defender TD5

2012 Ford Fiesta

1968 Riley Kestrel mk1 (currently being restored)

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As I’m a relative ‘yoof’ I’ve only been driving 13 years. So haven’t had many, but mainly Land Rovers.

  • 2006 - 2008          2000 Vauxhall Corsa                                    Good little first car but slow
  • 2008 - 2010          2000 Ford Focus                                           Upgraded when my brother got the Corsa
  • 2008 - present      1992 Land Rover Defender 90                    First Land Rover and daily driver since purchase
  • 2010 - 2016          1972 Land Rover 88”                                    Rebuilt in 2010 then eventually sold due to lack of use
  • 2010 - present      1993 Land Rover Defender 110 CSW        Long term rebuild project
  • 2012 - 2012          1989 Land Rover Defender 110 CSW        Short-term summer car, swapped the engine and sold it on
  • 2016 - 2016          2004 Ford Focus                                          Temporary arrangement while the 90 got a new chassis
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I haven’t been driving that long. So not to many. 

1. 1968 series 2a soft top (my 1st Land Rover) (sold)

2. 1989 110 that’s currently stripped awaiting a financial miracle to get rebuilt.

3. 2007 astra van. Mapped/lowered etc 140bhp (sold)

4.1994 bobbed 3dr disco 300tdi. 35” simex/rear LSD gywn Lewis suspension etc. Wish I never sold it

5. 1988 90 hardtop. Told a mate I wanted one and he called me a dreamer.. day later i bought one to prove a point haha. Daily driven by my old dear.

6. 1998 vitara off-roader. 31” insa tyres. 4” lift (sold)

7. Vauxhall frontera off-roader. 31” tyres. It Was a turd but cheap and did its job. (Sold)

8. Td5 d2 that'll be off road prepped when I get round to it. Got new 285 feds ready to fit. 

9. And my current daily and by far the best. 2008 astra VXR Nurburgring. Many toys and running 310bhp. 😍



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