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who will galvanise a defender bulkhead

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Hi, got my pile of blasted and repaired bits repaired and ready and rang the Wedge place at Sawtry to arrange galvanising and got "Sorry we don't do anything other than chassis these days"

Has anyone had a bulkhead galvanised recently and if so where? Ideally close to Bedfordshire/Hertfordshire but when you have spent loads of time blasting and repairing things I might be more willing to travel now 😒

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Who are you using ? just out of interest . Wedge at Haverhill have been doing lots of parts for a 109 2a FC build I've been involved with , although not the bulkhead as the client had it hot zinc sprayed .



Steve b

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Premier Galvanizing in Corby, they operate a collect and deliver service which happens to cover Bedfordshire. I will know how good it all was when I get things back next wednesday

Wedge Sawtry told me that their group policy (set 2 to 3 years ago) is that the only land rover parts they will do now is a chassis. Maybe Haverhill is a bit more flexible

won't know the price until they have done the job as I have quite a number of other bits to get done as well but they have a minimum price of £75 and the collect/delivery is £45, both plus vat

back 4 years ago wedge sawtry did a bulkhead for a family member and their minimum price then was £60 plus vat so not too dissimilar

5 hours ago, steve b said:

had it hot zinc sprayed

I think zinc spray would be a nicer finish but I am intending to leave it unpainted and I believe the dip process will be thicker and therefore last better 



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Wedge at Sawtry have done many LR parts for me over the years (including my bulkhead), shame they are refusing certain parts but then again they are a major operator and doing small parts is probably more trouble than it is worth.


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