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Bell housing studs and...

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Following on from my thread about gear box swap out. Can anyone give me... 

a) specs for the bell housing to engine studs please? I think some one said they are metric? 

b) part number for the seal on the back of the hand brake plate. ( Not the felt one - I be far a look in the parts book but can't see for looking 😕

c) the gear box mounts to the supports using studs. Why can't those be bolts? 





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I'm pretty sure all the series 2/2a/3  bellhousing studs are UNF nut end and UNC into BH.  -247145 . Metric studs on 90/110 etc TE110061L

The HB gaiter is 515466 , genuine for me as they are only £5 . Pattern don't last and rarely fit well .

Are you talking about the early through bolt gearbox mounts ? - Series 1 , 109FC , 1 ton and ex-mil ?


Steve b

Edited by steve b
clarify Series2/2a/3

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many thanks for the reply. I think I have, finally, found the part numbers ...

a) Bell Housing Stud  247145 / TE110061L 

b) I don't think my description was very good. It's actually the Land Rover Handbrake Back Plate Gasket, 561856

c) I think that yes I was talking about the early mount - the part is 90217976 Stud for Gearbox Foot.

Those studs are hard to find on the parts diagrams ( well I thought so but then I had mislaid my glasses.... )


My local fastenings company does not stock the studs so I'll be ordering those up via a LR parts supplier - along with the gasket.





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