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Worringly I have began to experience my TD5 (1999 model) not starting first time, the symptoms sound like the solenoid (you know that click!). Atfer 5 or 6 attempts it springs to life no problems! Some days its OK but recently happening every day. My fear is soon it will not start at all!

Is there anything else it could be? Can the solenoid be replaced independantly of the starter motor??

Damn these fangled cars!

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It could be a lack of power to the starter solenoid caused by a bad connection right on the solenoid itself.

The connectors can go rusty. Disconnect the battery, remove the 12v+ battery wire off the starter solenoid, clean with emery cloth and refit. Also the main engine to body earth, remove that from the bellhousing bolt, clean the connector and bellhousing mounting face with emery cloth and refit.

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