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66 109 strange holes in tub floor?

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Hi guys and girls, new  member here, new to the world of land rover but long time classic car guy. 

Spent quite a while trying to find the right (for me) 2a 109


Recently bought a 66 109 that seems to have some military past  

I believe (possibly wrongly)  that it's ex navy , 

It was originally deep dark blue,  was then later painted what appears to be bronze green , then light blue, 

It had according to the previous owner, split style rims when he bought it, (defender solid steel ones now) 

It also has the hole in the left rear of the tub for the NATO trailer electrics?

It has no data tag anywhere to indicate its previous life which I'm led to believe was common in navy vehicles, whereas raf and army tagged everything?

Again , ,maybe wrong, willing to learn  

It seems to have had hoops and tilt at some point as i can see witness marks for the hoop retaining lugs although it had a truck cab on when I bought it. 

I'm wondering if anyone can help me I.d the holes in the floor of the tub , 

There are 4 elongated holes, with steel riveted around them, they seem to have a little bowl to them inside,   these seem to be in the right orientation for a stretcher? 

Although that is just a wild guess, 

And four square holes with single holes in them riveted in also  


For some reason my photo didn't come out well so only shows the ones nearest the cab,

But there are two more of each near the TAILGATE, 

The floor looks worse than it is due to other items that were in the tub, and luckily is solid underneath, 


Any help greatly appreciated,

Cheers, Daniel




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I would hazard a guess that it was once owned by a garage and had a crane in the back.  Our S1 LWB has similar holes and was a garage breakdown truck, it used to have a harvey Frost hand cranked crane mounted on the pickup bed.



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The cups appear to be the transverse support beams.  There are six of these pressed steel channels that sit atop rubber strips on hoops welded to the chassis to directly support the floor.

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