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Hi out there to all the members who have helped me sort the problem with my Hot start.My local Garage can fit the Timer Relay and Resistor to the Engine Coolant Sensor,however they have never done 1 before and would like me to supply the wiring schematics/wiring diagram for the connections for the relay to the sensor.

If anyone has this information I would greatly appreciate it so I can get my P38 in and have it done.

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You need cut the SU wire (grey with a blu stripe) from the temperature sensor to the ECM and splice in the timer so it adds a resistor for the first 30sec and then returns the standard connection so the ECM sees the correct temperature when running. So the common terminal to the ECM, the NC terminal directly to the sensor and the NO terminal via a resistor to the ECT.

Trigger the timer with an ignition live wire, preferably RW from the main engine control relay so it starts when you turn the key to position 2 (the one that also activates the glow plugs). And add an earth.

Diagram of the standard wiring for clarity, even better would be for you or your electrician to download RAVE.


Diesel ECT.pdf

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