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How many welch plugs in a 300tdi?

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It looks like four, three on the LH side of the engine and one at the back.  I have two new ones which are ERC4996 and are 52.5mm.  They seem to be sold in packs of six for some reason.

They are called 'Cup Plug' on the packet.  Is the one at the back the same?

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I am looking at photos taken of my engine when it was removed and put back in a couple of days ago. There seems to be 3 on the turbo side of the engine, one close to where the 'P' gasket is on the front and two at the back.  That makes it the six from the parts book.

The reason I am asking is that on starting the engine after refitting it, the back one of the three on the turbo side blew out.  It seems to be held in with what looks like soft rubber grease.  These were fitted by the 'engineers' who resleeved the engine and overhauled the cylinder head and so on.   The real difficulty is changing the two at the back. 

The engine may have to come out and go back in again.  I will make sure they pay for this.... 



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