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Rebuilt engine hard to start

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Evening gents, Iv just finished rebuilding my 300tdi after the local supposed landrover specialist made a right c**k up of it. Refurbed block, all new shells/bearings, new piston rings, timing kit, water pump, all new gaskets and seals. Finally got it in and plumbed up yesterday but she’s struggling to start. Seems like fuel dosent get through then eventually it’s bursts into life but runs a little lumpy and blows a lot of white smoke with a strong smell of diesel. Once warm it runs fine if somewhat slightly underpowered. Could it be possible I need to alter the timing somewhat or could there be something I’m missing? 


Once warm it starts first turn of they key but after sitting a couple of hours it struggles for fuel again

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If it is timing, it would probably be too retarded - but you timed it up when doing the timing belt, right? So.. either there is a mistake there - relatively easily fixed , or maybe there isn't enough compression. If it was OK before the rebuild, it is most likely something you have changed as part of that. Pump timing is easily checked without dismantling except for removing the little cover on the timing case. Even if that is Ok it could be the camshaft is wrong though.


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Timing is likely,  but retarded makes starts easier, not harder.  If you’re a tooth out on the belt, though, then that could be far enough to make running very poor.

It’s not unknown for injection pumps to be assembled with the front flange set incorrectly on the shaft, making standard timing setting impossible.  I had exactly that on a 300 pump that had never run on the military engine that it was fitted to - they cast the engine when it wouldn’t run, but all it needed was a pump specialist to reposition the flange on the shaft.

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4 hours ago, mcc1979ian said:

Timing was a baw hair out. Perfect now though. Old gold goin like a train 

Did a timing belt on my mates Disco 300 the other year and was quite surprised how sensitive it was to timing, on first start up it ran like a bag of spanners, - re timed it with pins and it purred like a kitten. 

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