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core plug heater/block heater


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Not sure they are around in Europe - Scandinavia did them a lot.

We use either the Webasto types - they work on fuel - and have a few Kenlowe type mains heaters here.


But they draw serious Amps....

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From my experience of them (in other cars), the Kenlowes are good in theory, but a bit of a maintenance liability once they have been unused for the summer.
I was never certain the integral pump would start up again the following winter. Strip it down, spin the impellor by hand to unstick it, and all is well, but it takes a good 30 minutes to do that 3 second 'spin'.

There is a specific hole and very distinctive blanking plug in the 2.25 block for a heater, towards the rear, left hand side when viewed from the driving seat.

I'll say the heaters to fit are still available new from the heater makers, not LR; do you want 110 or 240 volts?
The gentleman who supplied most of this information in 2011 /2012 has since died (Boris Hepp), but hopefully the work he did will contine to be of benefit.
I'm not sure who I should credit the installed heater to.
I will attach various files, although you will still have to search for stockists. Note that to do the job completely, according to the Heater Makers, you need additional kits, Connecting Mounting, and Power, but that you may be able to source alternatives yourself, at less cost.



immersion heater parts.jpg

TrueS2-Block-Heater-port480 text.jpg


Immersion Heater.jpg

2.25 heater 411111.pdf Connecting Kit 1920254.pdf Power Cable 1920255.pdf Mtg Kit 460303.pdf

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