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Steering Wobble

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To date the streering on the 110 has been rock solid.

I have been advised of slight wear evident in the N/S swivel hub but nothing I have noticed in the steering lately....

After a little "off-road" courtesy of Chris (GBMUD) on 30th I appear to have developed a wobble at no specified speed. It has appeared at 30 - 50, but usually after a little bump/rut/uneven edge of road.... The steering wheel shakes from side to side by several centimetres... It's controllable and stops if I grip the wheel firmly....

Is this likely to be further wear in the swivel hub ?

Or maybe the steering damper given up the ghost ?

Any suggestions / diagnosis options that I can investigate ?

Thanks in advance....


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So just re-build the front end and all should be cured ! ;)

Don't know if it helps at all, but the wobble comes easier on the MT's.. Hardly there at all with the AT's !

Will look at Panhard bushes first I recon. Two sets of wheels and tyres giving same problem but different degrees of doing so...

Doubts on wheel bearings as new disks fitted a short while back so should still be adjusted correctly.. (Unless someone advises me to investigate and not assume...)

Will have a look at UJ while I'm under there...

Then look at re-shim of swivel.... Maybe !!! Should keep me busy for a while !

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I had a worn ball joint on the front that caused a vibration at speed, on my 90. Re-greased it (Greasable type) that seems to have solved the problem. I find running on my muds, that I feel more through the steering wheel.

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Well, after a good shake of the steering, it became clear that there was some wear in the panhard bushes.

The bar was unbolted, and removed. One end was totally shot and I was able to push the inner part of the bearing through with my hands....

Found a man with a 30 tonne press and drifted them out, cleaned the area and drifted the new ones in.

All attached and now the car is much sharper on the steering & wobble gone.

I fitted a new steering damper while under there but the old wasn't too bad. There is a little play in the UJ in the steering column but nothing to worry about....

Thanks to all who made suggestions of the possible cause. Another excellent diagnosis.

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If you don't have access to a press, you can remove the old bushes by blasting whatevers left of the rubber with a blow torch for a minute, poking the centre out, and then hacksawing a section out of the bush sleeve. It will come out with a couple of hammer taps.

Replace them with polybushes which don't need to be pressed in. Took me about 40 mins.

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