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Do Sawtooth Wheels on 265/75 r16 Tyres fit?


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HI, so i got new tyres for my 110 300tdi. The tyres are 265/75 r16 Goodrich KO2. I am using the factory wheels. See photo. With these wheels when i turn right or left the inside part of the tires touches the metal part. I want to get the Sawtooth 16inch allow wheels but not sure if that will fix my Problem. They are ET20. Anyone here has had this issue and know how to help?

Wheels i currently have that touches:


and here ate the wheels i want to get:



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What is the width of your current steel wheels, are they wide enough for those tyres?

The tyres will fit Sawtooth alloys (265/75x16 was a standard LR fitment for several years) but there is no need to change the wheels JUST stop them rubbing,  a simple adjustment of the steering stops is all that is required.

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They'll fit, yes - but you need to adjust the steering-travel-stops on either side of the front axle in order to limit the amount of 'turn'.

See: http://defender90xs.blogspot.com/2013/11/steering-lock-stop-adjustment.html

This will stop your tyre-against-metal-fouling problem [which will otherwise give you an instant fail at MoT-time], but it will also make your already-poor turning-circle even worse!

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