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Possibly The Old 300tdi immobilizer BUT READ first please


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Hi folks, I'm hoping one of you landy lovers can help me with my disco1 it's a 300tdi 1998 auto 2.5

All was good, mot due November and I planned to take her off the road over winter for some new panels body mounts etc .

I've always had a dodgy fob(ALWAYS) where the battery cradle solders broke and I just occasionally reposition it if it ever fails. Couple weeks ago my wife borrowed it but couldn't sort immobilizer so I went to it jiggled it and away we went. But she said get that spare fob programmed at the garage up the road.(know for programming these 2button old rover style in the past). He was busy and said leave with him the day......

I turn up and he muttered something about no good it won't program.. BUT now it doesn't even start! He towed it out the work shop gave me a hand held diagnostics to play with for a day(he used some ol' tall computer trolley job ) locked up and that was that.! Btw we do know each other and I'm familiar with diagnostics tools hence the loan .

I called someone for a slow tow back home . He also gave me 2 spare fobs to try that he couldn't get to learn . After he I thought start at the beginning... Including the spare I gave him and the 2 others he had , not a battery between them! New battery in one and I learned the key within a minute.BUT  still locks unlocks turns over but no fire.

Here's what I've done so far..

Removed dash .. no spider behind radio 

Checked there is a live feed to single wire solenoid .. yes.

Renewed solenoid switch

Renewed lift pump.

Fitted today a small fuel pump inline.

So there fuel getting to pump but not from there to injectors?

It's the pump with 7wire multi plug on the side going to a black box bolted to the other side of pump ..🙈 Any help very much appreciated.

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So u can crank the engine but it doesn’t fire.. correct?

You need to ensure that u have 12v at the EDC ECU as that also carries out the immobiliser function controlled via the security ECU.

Does the fob extinguish the red led in the dash, when u unlock the vehicle or move the fob near to the ignition switch?

The  300Tdi auto doesn’t have a spider, as you already have found out.

If you need a wiring diagram there’s a simple to follow one in the Haynes manual. 

RemoteKey can supply u with a new and fully functioning fob to match your system.

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Hi sorry for delay, I thought I'd get notifications... Yes cranks, but doesn't fire.

Is the edc ECU the little black box on the side of injection pump?

I have the original sometimes Dicky remote with loose battery cradle but works and extinguishes the light also programmed a second so both lock and unlock the vehicle and turn alarm light out.  

Have ordered a used Haynes manual so should be here soon. Have checked the new fuel cut of solenoid is functional, but still no fuel coming out a unions on injectors. Assuming there couldn't be that much air in pump ?

I'm stumped atm. Any help truly appreciated.😊

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