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land rover build sheet


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hello all , 


a long time ago (when i owned a serie's 2 build in 1964) i got in touch with LandRover to get a build sheet for my car , because i needed to know the exact build date to have the correct build date on my car papers .(for some strange reason the build date on the vehicle papers was the date it was released bij the army , not the date it was build).

is it still possible to get a build sheet for a old ex-mod 110 , and if so , who do you need to contact for that ?

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On 9/15/2019 at 8:38 PM, western said:

If you have the vehicles contract plate with all the details on [on 90/110 normally rivetted to the drivers end side panel of the seat box, worth talking to the archive dept at Gaydon museum too.

thanks Western , 


i have the military data plate , and found some info on the merlin website  the car was used in scotland with the cadet training corp

, is this the museum you mean https://www.britishmotormuseum.co.uk/archive

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You can get what is know as a homologation certificate from Land Rover  for a fee (£25 a few years back) through the main LR contact phone number, I got directed to the right department. I had to get one to prove the age of a ex mod 110 that had been demobbed abroad and was being reimported back to the uk before DVLA would allow me to register it. This should prove the build date of the vehicle if that is all you need the build sheet for.

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