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Injector cleaning


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I want to clean the injectors on my 2011 LR4 diesel. Normally you disconnect the inlet and return pipe to the fuel filter and put them both into a can of cleaner and run the engine.

In the case of the V6 engine, the fuel filter is hidden underneath so it is not practical.

Can I do this nearer the injection pump under the bonnet and if so, which lines?

If not, is putting cleaner in the fuel effective? I failed emissions after 30k miles btw

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If it is a vehicle that just does local runs then a long,  high speed run up the autoroute might help a lot. Equally if its a vehicle that gets left idle for long periods then consider using Redex in the fuel. If the blast up the motorway doesn't clear it sufficiently then maybe get the codes read and see if they give some clues. Getting codes read can mean a long trip in itself in France so maybe two birds with one stone?

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Thanks for your replies.

The workshop manual is bit of a long haul and talks bout changing injectors and also says you must also change the feed pipes when you do.

I have the IIDtool so I will read codes but LiquiMoly in the fuel and a thrashing should do it.

Keep you posted

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I’d run the fuel down to half a tank, add a can of Forte injector or fuel system cleaner, and then run it fairly hard for the rest of the tank, refilling as late as I can, and then use the premium diesels like BP Ultimate, which cost more per litre but less per mile and have lots of helpful additives that do really seem to help with cleaning and lubricating the fuel system.

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