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Rover 3.5 V8 conversion into S2A

Aaron G

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Hi Guys, im new to this forum and would appreciate if anybody knows where i could source an adapter ring that allows me to mate a Rover 3.5 V8 to my standard Series 2A gearbox please.

I can see heaps of articles on the net that talk about these being available but cant actually see anyone that currently sells a kit.

Any assistance would be very much appreciated or if anyone has one to sell?


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Hi Aaron

It was once a common conversion, but I do not think anyone sells either a kit or just the adaptor nowadays. Used to be Milner conversions and Phillips IIRC.

The kit comprised of the adaptor ring, a crankshaft spigot bearing flange, engine mounts, and an oil filter housing which changed the position of the filter so it did not hit the front axle.

You will also need to get a Range Rover type flywheel (thick) rather than a car one, and get it redrilled for the series clutch cover.

Ebay UK probably your best bet, provided the seller is prepared to sent it to you.

Its a good conversion for a series, especially an EFI, as you will get better fuel consumption than either standard petrol or diesel engines

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If you go the 5 speed route, you will need the early type 90/110 4 cylinder OR Defender 200Tdi gearbox, and NOT a 300 Tdi Defender type or any Disco box, as the bellhousing and gearbox input shaft are WAY too long. However, you will still need the adaptor ring. If you use a V8 5 speed which of course will bolt straight up to the engine, the whole assembly will be too long for an 88 to have a sensible length rear propshaft, unless you move the engine forward and use a Defender type front end (bonnet/hood ? and front panel)   

You can of course convert any of these boxes with appropriate parts which are easily available here in the UK, but it all adds to the hassle and expense.

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