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Hi me and my partner are looking at getting a roof tent for what was her family car as a kid (discovery 2 td5) how ever we are on a tight budget I have hurd Chinese roof tents are very cheep but can not locate companies that import one to the UK are there any other ways of getting cheeper ones i understand the quality won't be the same 

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Mine is a no name brand. Got it for a song unused secondhand (so new really!) and its absolutely fine. Compared to the named brands, I dont think mine compares badly at all. Been up in a few good winds and heavy rainstorms and we didnt blow away and stayed dry. The matress is a little thin (its more that i am a little heavy!!) but I added some self inflating camping mats this year and they worked a treat. It looks like one of the green ones you see on ebay - thats as much as i can tell about its manufacturer! Been all around Europe and the UK with it. Perhaps it doesnt breathe well but most tents are like that and its not an issue if you can ventilate it. 

The only thing i would consider as an upgrade would be to change it to a maggiolina. But we probably wont get there as the current idea is to convert an old horse trailer to a camper/caravan and can mount the current tent on top of that for extra capacity.  

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I dont think it is Nick. The green is lighter than the Primetech ones tend to be.

This is pretty much what I have:



I dont think ADV is a make though - looks like they have just put a stamp on an import. I didnt pay anything like that for mine either!! Less than a third of that price and thats the setup I have. I never use the bottom tent on mine as I have a side awning on the 110 that is much quicker to put up and a much more useable space.

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On 9/28/2019 at 2:22 PM, landroversforever said:

IMO you’re better off saving and buying one of the better brands. If you want to go cheaper because you’re not sure it’s for you, then there’s at least one company out there which hires them out. Afraid I can’t remember the name right now though! 

I think both Tufftrek and 4x4 Overlander rent out roof tents but there's no info on their respective websites so perhaps worth a call.

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8 hours ago, gilloverland said:

Plenty to choose from on Alibaba, direct from the factory - just make sure its a trusted seller and pay by paypal or credit card to be safe.


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