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Just wanted to say thanks for driving into my vehicle the other day!

All you had to do was ask us to move you impatient chappie you :lol:

Once the insurance company assessor has checked the damge I will let you know the cost. I have been warned it may be as much as £1.99!

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... it may be as much as £1.99!

Don't fall for it!!! He's just trying to scrape enough money together to buy another roller from B&Q to touch up the paintwork!!! :ph34r::D:lol:

I too have used Thunderpole and been very impressed with prices and speed of delivery! Top company.

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Ah Thunderpole - the only reason to have to go to Billling again.

They are in the industrial estate turning before entrance to Billing.

Excellent delivery - always recommended unless need specific bits - like a small whip aerial then its 4x4cb.com

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