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My Land Rover Discovery 3, 2.7TDV6, Lacks Power

Ian 2005TDV6

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Hi, I was on way home from work last night when my 2005 Discovery 3, 2.7TDV6 seem too loose power. The closer I got home I had too push the accelerator peddle down further to keep the car moving. When I finally got home the car would not even get up our sloped drive. I connected up the diagnostic tool and it gave this

fault code: P140D. 

Today tried the car again and it starts and ticks over fine but when pushing accelerator pedal down the car just ticks over. I’m wondering if it’s the sensor on my accelerator pedal at fault as a few months ago my drivers footwell suffered from a water ingress problem from the Sunroof water drains jamming shut. Water ran all over the front consul and steering wheel. When I found the water problem the footwell had Close too two inches of water in it. It also made my horns jam on at 2am in the morning so to turn the horn off I had to pull out fuse 12 on the inner fuse board. Can anyone help me out with this problem and confirm if the accelerator pedal sensor is the problem. Thanks in advance. 

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Hi, I was on way home from work yesterday and every time I put my foot onto accelerator pedal it felt I was pushing the pedal further down for the Vehicle to move off. I finally got home and was not getting enough power to reverse my car up on to the sloped Drive. The car starts and ticks over fine but nothing happens until the accelerator pedal is pushed firmly down. The car suffered 3 months ago from  seized sunroof drain plugs 3 months ago causing 2 inches of rain water too leak into the drivers footwell. This allowed water to run down the front consul and steering wheel column causing the horn too jam on at 2am in the morning. I had to remove fuse 12 in the passenger fuse box to stop the horns sounding. This also has caused many warning lights too keep coming on and off. I’ve removed many of the plugs in the drivers footwell to try and clean them.

im wondering if rain water may have damaged the sensor on the accelerator pedal as I’ve been told these are easily damaged by moisture. I’ve also connected  up my HawkEye Total diagnostic machine and it’s given me the code P140D which could mean one of many faults. Anyone had the same problem or any idea what this Fault is please. Thanks in Advance Ian

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Usually, with a D3, even if the fault is a flat tyre, someone will tell you the brake pedal switch is the cause of the problem. But in this case it might actually be true... the engine management may not allow enough diesel to generate much more than tickover power if it thinks you might be braking.

Also be aware if you've had the sunroof drains breaking due to rot, rather than just being blocked, on the passenger side the tube often breaks in just the right place to empty the rainwater into the central junction box, where a world of pain awaits if you don't spot it in time.


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Mine did this and it was as Gary describes. EGR fault. Stuck open and drawing air from the EGR system I think. Options are to replace the faulty valve or blank them. IIRC blanking is simple on yours as your year does not need a software patch to delete them from the ECU.

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