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Range Rover brake disc replacement


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I have a Range Rover L405 5.0L Petrol Supercharged. It has Bermbo brakes.


I wish to change the dics and pads myself. I maintain my own cars and this is the first suv I own and first suv I will work on. I have lots of questions.


1. Does anyone have a workshop manual ?

2. What are the jacking points using trolley jack and jack stand points?

3. Are there special steps I need to take before I jack up the car?

4. Any special steps before I work on the brakes?

5. Are there special tools required for the job? I have worked on japanese cars in my driveway and that never needed anything special. Just saying where I come from and what I have.

6. Do I need to reset any ecu once the job is complete or before I start the job? Anything with height control or airbag?

7. Anyone ever worked here on L405 brakes? How was the experience?

8. If I decide the do a brake flush, what brake fluid does it take? Are there special steps to it?



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A lot of your questions should be covered in the owners manual regarding jacking points and brake fluid type. Regarding jacking points you should be able to use a trolley jack with an adaptor that sits in the vehicle jacking point. 

I changed the brakes and discs on my L322 and that was straight forward. I did some research before hand, e.g. googling and youtubing.

You might want to check fullfatrr.com as just googling brings that up, it looks like there maybe a hand brake service mode to put it in before changing discs and pads.



The usual safety precautions will apply like putting an axle stand under a wishbone or sub frame and unscrewing the brake fluid reservoir.


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I am confused about trolley jack point and axle stand point.


I have a 2.5 ton trolley jack. Where should I use this to lift thr vehicle and then where to place axle stand? Notice the attached manual. It first says that trolley jack location is 1. Then says to put axle stand at 1... this is conufsing.


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nothing to do with the Moderators, as your a new member your posts won't be visible to all until a modertor has checked/approved the post, this might take a little time as us mods are not on here all day.  

all of your posts should now be visible to all.

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