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Series 3 Hand Brake Help


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Part way through a rebuild on a Series 3 and have run into a couple of minor niggles with the hand brake mechanism.


The first one is straightforward, just need to know where the return spring connects to that comes off the drop link down to the relay. Guessing it might be one of the gearbox mounts.


The second is more of a puzzle. The hand brake ratchet doesn't disengage when the button is depressed. So you can put the hand brake on but can't release it. Pressing the button takes the tension off the rods linking to the ratchet, but there doesn't seem to be anything to persuade the ratchet to come out of engagement. All parts are present as per the manual, but somethings not right or missing.


Anything obvious to look for?


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The return spring fits to a tag , near the clevis on the vertical rod, that attaches to the pivot point from the chassis. The other end goes to a bigger tag attached under one of the mounting bolts on the transfer box to chassis mount, adjacent to the transfer box oil drain plug.

I suspect the ratchet won't work until you have the return spring fitted.

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As I remember my 109, I think the bottom of the spring was attached to another ear fitted on one of the studs securing the right mounting bracket to the transfer box, much like the OP suggested.

The ratchet tooth can get turned around inside the lever and that may be your problem.  A bent rod up to the button can also cause similar issues.  It’s just a matter of adjustment of that button and ratchet mechanism, really.

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