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Rear Door Bolts - What driver bit?

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Hi Folks,

What type of head/driver bit is required to undo the bolts holding the hinges on the rear door of a Defender?

The bolts are described as "Torx" in the parts manuals yet there are only slots for 4 splines in the bolt head? All my current Torx bits have 6 splines in a star shape.

It may go with a large pozi driver bit (it's not a great fit) and would rather use the correct type.

Many Thanks,



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The later ones were fitted with Torx screws, earlier were #3 (I think) Philips heads.

To be honest, you're better off undoing them with a spanner from behind and just use the screwdriver to try to stop the head from turning.



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You want torq-set bits (mortorq look similar). They work really well on all the large phillips head type screws on the defender like the ones that hold the floors down. You might have some already if you have one of those security bit sets like the picture below (far left top row).


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