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Abs, tc, Park brake light on dash

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So today the defender decided to put these lights up. Red parking brake light orange abs and orange tc. Before I start looking at all the wires for the abs is this a common problem. Like just low brake pads? Checked brake fluid levels and that's fine. 

This is from a 2.4 puma model double cab pick up with 49000 miles on the clock 


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I believe these are known as the '3 Amigos' in some circles.... I had these showing on my TD5 and managed to get rid of them by cleaning all the earthing points thoroughly. I think on the Puma there are some other possible faults including hill descent wires and brake pedal switches but i might be wrong.

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Yep, Three Amigos, often (though not only) caused by the shuttle valve failing in the ABS unit.  There are quite a lot of YouTube videos showing how to fix that, but before you do, just check the basics, like sensor gaps and getting the fault code read by a diagnostics computer, or you could spend a lot of time and money on the wrong thing.

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