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Series 3 works without fuses


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The series works without fuses , this has come to my attention as I am replacing yet another melted stalk , I understand this is something to do with the feed being on the wrong side of the fusebox so it's permanently live  , is there an easy way to resolve this , what is the process please , I'd really appreciate some help , as always , thanks.

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Is it the headlight contacts that are melting on the stalk ? Even with sealed beam lights they will melt and if you have halogen units they draw more power . Relays are the solution , put your own together or buy a kit .


Steve b

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Relays make a world of difference, especially if you use 17a or higher wiring to feed the relay and connect it to the lamps (the relay is controlled by the original lamp wire).  That minimises electrical resistance in the whole circuit, so no more melting switches and much better illumination, whatever bulb type you have.

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