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Electrical: Sourcing new connectors


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I am about to replaced the indicator/headlight stalk on the SIII. The PO has made some modifications to the wiring and I would like to try to return a few of the wires to a semblance of originality.

I need to source a 3 pin - 2 female / 1 male connector to fit the plug in the photos. I have had a look on line but cannot find one, TBH I don't even know what these are called - other than you b*£$!^&d son of a gun when you are struggling to get them undone and then they suddenly 'go' and you slice the back of your hand open on the sharp edge of the dash!

So if anyone could point me to a source or tell me the proper name so I could search that would be appreciated.




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I know the problem..

TTBOMK these bullet multi plugs are not available as a "connect to your own wires" option. Hopefully somebody knows better.

I solved the problem by using the original connector in the vehicle side and soldered / crimp sleeved it into my own loom so I can use standard stalk in my own loom.

But I hope somebody will point us to a place where we can get these connectors as a block...

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Off the top of my head, without checking, and in no order of priority, I will suggest:
VWP Vehicle Wiring Products,
AES Automotive Electrical Supplies,
Paul Beck,
I think there is also a Vintage Wiring something, but that may be an alternative name for one of those already mentioned.
I would also include MG and Triumph, separately, as search terms.


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Thanks everyone for input and suggestions. 

So Autosparks got back to me saying that the plugs are injection moulded for them in house and the plug can not be bought to sire up at home. They do sell the individual plugs and sockets though so I could make up ends to connect to the one in the picture - which at the moment is looking like the best way forward.



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