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110 N/S headlight goes out when on full beam

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New to this but bought myself my dream 110 which will require lots of work! 1984 sealed beam unit replaced and upgraded to a halogen. Before I started headlight and sidelights all work grand until full beam when the NS headlight goes out. Side lights still work and the light bar on the roof goes on but no idea. I've checked bulbs etc all good and tried to check as much of the wiring as possible up through the wing and whilst old seems ok.

Any help is appreciatedas it'll be an MOT failure.




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Ok so checked the fuses all appear ok and finally got a hand from my son to turn lights on and off. Noticed when I touched the full beam light to either terminal on the bulb other than the negative the spot light bar came on but not the main beam. I'm thinking it's a wiring fault when and whenever the spot lights were put on. I can here something clicking inside the cab with the bonnet open and I'm at the front. Any further ideas. By the way headlight works fine on OS so no issues with bulbs etc. Thanks again

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