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4.6 gearbox/transfer box


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I’ve got a 4.6 p38 as a potential engine/gearbox donor for another Land Rover based project but my question is how can I get the drive to the diffs of a normal Land Rover as on the p38 there on the opposite side,wondered if a 3,9 v8 transfer box would fit onto the p38 gearbox?

many thanks

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The P38 gearbox is electronic shift. Assume you know that ?

Yes it can be made to fit, but you will need the tail housing from a RRC, Disco 1 or 2 V8 Auto. Then, you either have to cut the existing shaft, drill and tap the centre and fit the RRC/Disco extension shaft, OR strip the gearbox and swap the output shaft from the same.

Its fairly simple, but pictures will explain better, but unfortunately I do not have any.

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That will be the right configuration physically but will be an electronic shift (I think ?) 4HP22, which is not really up to a 4.6

Engine will be a 4.0, unless it has been changed, which again will be all electronic, and will require aftermarket engine management. You could convert to distributor ignition, and an earlier injection system, but IMO this is a step in the wrong direction.

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Your easiest option is a V8 gearbox from something earlier - any V8 box will work you just need to swap flywheels to suit.

That said, I don't think the electronic-shift boxes are rocket surgery but I've not had access to one to play with to really find out.

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The HP22 is fine with a 4.6 as long you don't go entirely mad with it.

You can get much cheaper/easier autobox controllers these days, CompuShift was at one point about the only one, and it was £1K. You can DIY one for under £100 I reckon.

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