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Circlip Drop Arm Ball Joint

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Anyone happen to know the Circlip size for the bottom of the steering drop arm ball joint???

I was taking mine apart to regrease the ball joint and said circlip decided to go on vacation to god knows where, at a speed yet to be recognized by any known scale, somewhere between FM that was fast and Ping gone!?!?!?! Grrrrrrrrrr

Oh and where to get one too?

Cheers Andy 

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Thanks Stellaghost you are a diamond.

The amount of springs, clips, nuts, washers and the likes that just vanish into god knows where? When either taking something apart or putting back together is astounding!?! Drop it and BAM it's GONE! It doesn't bounce, it's OT a ball! Can't roll far as it has flat sides! But can you find IT!?! Can you BU66ERY!!!!!!!

Clips and springs..... One slip, one involuntary twitch of the nerve, even just thinking it could be retained and PING...GONE!!!......Probably boldly going where no man has gone before, off into some far flung distant galaxy!!!

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