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Norwegian Annual gathering 2020


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The Annually gathering for NLRK in 2020 will be held in the old military site called Evjemoen, in the middle of southern Norway, and will take place between July 13. and 19. 2020

There is the possibility to sleep indoor in old Military sleeping quarters, or if you bring your camping  gear, the camp is open from July 9. .

Some approximate distances:

- 65 km from  Kristiansand

- 200 km from Langesund or Larvik

- 210 km from Stavanger

- 330 km from Oslo


The official website for the gathering is http://evje2020.nlrk.no, and the Registration (and payment) website is https://deltager.no/nlrkevje2020

There is also some a couple of threads on the Norwegian forum https://lrforum.com

The international section: http://www.lrforum.com/forum/index.php?/topic/96750-nlrk-annually-gathering-2020/

The main (and mostly in  Norwegian ) thread: http://www.lrforum.com/forum/index.php?/topic/96749-nlrk-landstreff-evje-13-19-juli-2020/


Please don't hesitate to ask if you are interested, and I'll try to answer as best as I can

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The gathering opens on monday July 13th and closes on July 19th. The camp site will be open from Thursday July 9th.

Between 13th and 19th, there will be

- greenlane driving, hopefully on normally closed roads,

- trial competitions, maybe some team trophys.

- Pokerun


We hope to include some steam railroad trip, for the youth, there is some go-cart driving in planing, There are some river rafting nearby, we've had at least on trip to a mine not far from the event site. This is in the middle of southern Norway, not far from biggest Zoo in Norway, close to the southern coastline, and not far from the mountains.


On the trip home from the gathering in 2015, we drove from Karmøy, west in Norway, and up over the mountain were there still was snow, and down by the camps site for the 2020 gathering.

We're also not far from Lysefjorden, with Kjerag-bolten at one end, and Preikestolen on another. So if you want to see the southern part of Norway, you are right in the middle.


There is daylight from 04:00 until 23:00. I will not promise that you will see the sun 19 hours a day, but it's been a dry summer the last 2 summers. The image above was taken in the middle of June this year, and June was rainy this year.

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