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Seperate 4x4 lever & a noise

Team Idris

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I wrecked the new gasket :(

had to fish the old one out of the bin and find some slidey things so I didn’t rip it too.

Also, that steel boss that goes in the back. I’ll try and leave that in next time. It was so tight I had to remove the output shaft, press it into place and then re-fit the shaft.


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Make sure to use bearing seating compound between the main shaft rear bearing carrier and main casing - that’s where the bulk of the common oil transfer from gear box to transfer box gets through, and low oil could be a factor in your bearings’ wear.

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Aha, yes, that makes sense. It can get through the peg hole. 
Oh Look, no yellow knob hole :)  (4x2)

After 30 years I’ve had enough of fighting the one-piece floor panel. I need to weld up the right hand side anyway, so a few extra spot-weld-holes should be a quick fix. 
*damaging a matching numbers truck? It’s a bit rough generally and the floor is no exception. I can make the joint look stock. I don’t want to be Jerry off Salvage Squad, but this is the last year they had a one piece floor, so even Rover thought it was a bad idea*


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The oil seldom gets past the main shaft rear seal, but that only seals the shaft to the inside of the annular rear housing.  Without bearing seating compound (or other alternatives), there is nothing sealing that housing in the main case, so oil can get past around its entire circumference - it’s not leaking through the peg but the entire casing aperture.

SIIIs have a similar removable bearing housing, but with no peg (unless mine had been omitted by LR).  It’s retained by a big circlip.  Mine had started to spin in the case and wag generating swarf in the transfer box from the circlip cutting the casing’s face.  Clearly, that would quickly deteriorate, but I caught it very early and use of seating compound didn’t just stop that movement and swarf, but immediately halted the oil migration that numerous seal replacements had had no influence on over more than a decade (ever since the transmission was received as a brand new Gen Parts recon unit).  I’m very confident this is the cause of the oil migration issue that is regarded as normal in Series vehicles - the factory and almost every reconditioned omits the seating compound.

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