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After my heart stopped then restarted, what's this?


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Well doing a service on the 300tdi I pulled the pan to reseal it as it had a slight leak, when I crapped my pants after finding this in the pan.

No sparkles in oil and 90k mile 1996 engine/disco that pulls like a champion on 35s

So after I pulled myself together, holding back the tears of what maybe new engine time and cleaned the bits to see what they could be from I realised they are not metal but hard rubber yay😎.

Question is what are they off, seems like maybe the cut off end of a T seal? Square end is a definite end piece of something and about 5,6mm almost Composit hard rubber not squishy.

Like I say low miles good strong engine, had the valve cover off and now pan and she seems spot on.

Any ideas?

Will provide more car prawn pics of the beast on correct guess 🤣



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