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inconsistent speedo!?


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Hi, I've got a manual 300tdi disco. The speedo stopped working the other day, but then half way through my journey it just picked back up and continued fine. It's done this a couple more times now. Any ideas what component is at fault? 


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13 minutes ago, Richard Mills said:

Check the alternator connections, the speedo is fed from there, it will be corrosion on the tag of one of the smaller spade terminals, or just plain loose.

Sorry, that's rev counter, the speedo is mechanically driven off the transfer box along a flexible drive cable. Cables can fret, or work loose.

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Nn the 300tdi I have seen, there is a transducer that are mounted on the transfer box, with 3 pin connector. So the speedo is in fact electrical driven. Check the transducer for wear, I have a couple in my garage (on the floor somewhere) that are half way broken.


part number AMR1253, replaced it seems by YBE100540

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