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Defender Steering Box leak from top nut

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A question for the brain trust, I have power steering fluid coming out of the top nut of the power steering box - what does this mean? I took the nut off and there is no seal but looks like the nut has had locktite or similar around it. Can I just put a new nut on with some fresh locktite or does this mean seals have gone elsewhere in the box?

Thanks for the help 

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I bought another Steering box so I can check the nut out (expensive solution) . It looks like a M12 but it may not be metric as I bought an M12 and it doesn't quite fit.

So here is the one off the new box. The question still stands what are these nuts what is the red stuff - some kind of silicon seal? and where do I get them from?




2019-11-24 16.02.28.jpg

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13 hours ago, western said:

A photo of a overall view would be more useful & vehicle model, 4 bolt or 6 bolt steering box? 

?? Original poster has supplied all of the above!

Anyway, the answer to the question is that the nut is a Bollhoff “Seal lock” nut - these are designed to seal the threads of the steering box adjuster nut from leakage.


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