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200TDI Rocker cover oil leak

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Hi folks,

I fitted a new starter motor to D230NNY (Donny) our 1986 200tdi 110 which was surprisingly straight forward if not a little tedious.

I was however surprised by the amount of oil all over the sides of the engine , given I had cleaned it earlier this year.

i believe that this is all coming from the rocker cover gasket. i’ve now fitted two of these and :

either I’m doing something wrong in the fitting

-the Victor  Reinz gaskets are not good enough

-I did something wrong when I replaced the head gasket last year and maybe the bolts are not clamping down tightly enough

I would really welcome some thoughts as I would really like to solve this.


thanks in advance



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Those semicircular seals benefit from a moderate application of RTV sealant and then being held down by something heavy but very flat to make sure their edges don’t have a step above the surface of the head lip, breaking the seal of the main seal.

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Thanks all, yes I’ve replaced the sem-circular seals twice.

I think based on what I’m reading I will pay a little extra for replacement gaskets, use some sealant, and also the filler cap and the oil breather pipe which I noticed may be degraded.

I will keep you posted.


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