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How to remove the turbo (Defender 200tdi)

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its in! The engine is running again. But I think I hear a noise which was not there before. 

It’s sounds like a rattle. what do you make of iT? 


I did not drive it yet so the engine is still cols as i filmed iT.





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That is a loud hiss of a gas leak.  It’d be worth spraying with soapy water while cold to pin it down.  You did refit the big o-ring between the cartridge and the compressor housing, didn’t you?

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If you mean the downpipe to manifold you won't break the manifiold, by tightening the clamp, more likely to strip the clamp bolt thread first, did you apply some exhaust sealing paste to the downpipe before fitting it to the manifold section. 


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9 hours ago, marieholm said:

Thanks for all the tips. 

it seems like the manifold/exhaust is leeking. I can feel the air flow by it. 

Can you "overtighten" the clamp? is their a risk of breaking the manifold? 

Do you mean the manifold to head joint, manifold to turbo flange, or turbine casing joint (the seven studs and oval shape in the elbow), or the elbow to down pipe?

If you mean manifold to head, then the risk there is shearing the studs.  If you removed the manifold earlier to separate the turbo on a bench, did you replace the gasket on reassembly?

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