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Custom halfshafts, how much?

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In the words of the song by John Lennon...

you may say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one

Anyway, I may, one day, if I ever finish the house, try something simply because it involves mating axle parts that I happen to have lying around in order to merge the best bits of each to make some cheap "super axles". BUT it all hinges on how easy and how much its going to cost to have custom shafts made up. Size of shafts would be LR size but would have non standard splins and be about 2 inches longer. Has anyone ever had something like this made up and what would it cost. Preferably hardened as you don't want to be replacing non-standard shafts......



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There are plenty of places that can do this. It's not just hardening you need to consider - also you have to weight up the material vs cost aspect. Also look into spline cutting techniques and geometry - some are better than others.

If the application isn't too demanding (smaller tyres, smaller engine, lower weight truck or muddy/sandy (i.e. slippery surface) offroading only), then you might be able to re-spline the end of an existing shaft. Might be an idea to have it re-hardened afterwards though, as you say.

Make it 4-wheel steer with the diffs centered and you can let one spare shaft cover all 4 corners! :)

Cheers, Al.

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get them made in the states and its from a couple of hundred dollars upwards, depends on the material spec to be honest

how much horse do you want to chuck through them and how big a set of tyres?

Or speak to Rakeway if you want someone a little closer to home...

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..........., depends on the material spec to be honest

how much horse do you want to chuck through them and how big a set of tyres?

At most a tuned Tdi and 36" Simex. Nothing special.

Like I say all speculation at the mo. Just wondering if the sums add up considering that HD ashcroft shafts come in at ca. £250 running "standard" type rover axles. If I could make my own locked & strengthened axles and "only" have to buy HD shafts for a similarish price then that looks like a good project worth investing some time and effort in. If they were going to cost £500 a set and have no strength then its probably not really an option.

Spose i could ring Rakeway for a quote but feel a bit of a phoney at the mo since its so far down the line!

Thanks for all replies so far.


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Picked up my Shafts from Rakeway last week.

These were for FC101 shafts with a Dana 60 inner spline made out of 300M cost was £240 each + VAT.

They can make them out of lesser material at reduced cost.

They also make LR shafts out of 300M for about £150 more than Ashcroft shafts.

I also had a drag link and track rod made by them out of solid 38mm EN24 for £70 each + VAT.

I'm very pleased with the shafts and can recommend Rakeway, very helpful and informative, with a can do attitude.


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