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Lowest effort rx 8 seat fitting to 90

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I’m wondering about the rear seat rail to seat runners connection. I was thinking about trying the rails flat but I going to elevate them at the rear to keep my fuel pump wire happy and have the rail extend over the seat box lip for now. Given that I could bolt all the way through the rail but I’m wondering about some sort of threaded insert I could weld in. 
I could slope the back like the front so I can reach on for a nut or drill an access hole underneath the rail and have it so the seat needs to come out to get the rail off.


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I was thinking I would nudge the seats inboard a bit to make sure the buttons don’t hit the door but as I look at the rx8 the drivers one isn’t central to the rails so I need to measure and see how offset seat to steering wheel would be. Maybe a few mm isn’t noticeable when driving.

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I can't seem to nudge enough. Maximum nudge still doesn't clear with the buttons on.  What offset from seat box bolt holes to seat bolts onto the RX8 seats have other people used ?


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