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Sparkplugs - were these OK?

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So my wife's SIII SWB has a 90 2.5 petrol in. We discovered the other day that the #1 plug had no nipple for the lead to attach to - no wonder it was running a little rough and less power. Not knowing the age of the plugs we decided to replace them all. The photos below are of the ones removed. To my untrained / uneducated eye these look OK.

What do you think?

The left hand side of the photo are different sides of the same plugs the right hand side ditto.


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They look a little bit sooty, don't they? Does that mean the engine is a bit rich?

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All a bit rich except for perhaps the far RHS one on the top image. The electrode and insulator nose should be a light sand colour with just a thin coating of deposits. What was the last MOT emission readings - even a Series 3 needs to be below 4.5% CO and 1200ppm HC. A well tuned example should be well in - mine was 0.36% and 223ppm for instance.

Have you got the Zenith carb from the Series 3, or the carb from the 90?

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