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Mounting Post 1999 Wheel Bearings

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While doing some searching about mounting wheel bearings I came across a post by Steve G. dated 21/8/19 about changing the post '99 staked nut and spacer method of mounting wheel bearings back to the twin lock nut method which I have pasted below:-

FYI - you can't just reuse the existing spacer after replacing bearings, you have to measure end float and adjust spacers accordingly. This is why most move to early style of locking nuts to save messing around and stocking with various spacers.

The later methods is better as its more precise and removes human error, and done correctly the bearings will last longer. Fitting without correctly following spacer method normally results in damaging bearing as you over tighten and pinch bearing.




Given the hassle in possibly (probably?) having to change the spacer size when replacing wheel bearings, especially in the middle of nowhere, it seems a sensible way to go. Anybody care to comment?



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I've watched Uncle strip his newer style tensioned hubs and reassemble.

Reusing the bearings, it's a very easy and straightforward process.

Replacing the bearings would, I imagine, be a different kettle of fish.

Known as I am for my love of all things new and radical, my preference would be for ...



2 nuts, simplicity, the ability to adjust for wear and no reliance on additional parts like spacers and single use stake nuts (I know some people reuse them but they're supposed to be single use).

If a mechanical buffoon like me can master old school wheel bearings why change ? It's not even remotely tricky !

Mo 😆

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