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Td5 poor top end and noisy

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I've been ticking off the jobs on my recently purchased 2000 defender 90 and its slowly improving. It has been sat for a good few years, and ran like a bag on spanners when I first drove it home. 
Anyway, it pulls so well bottom and mid range, I cant fault it in the slightest. Butanything over 60 or 65 is an ear ache anda choir for the motor. I also have like a rattle jiggling noise which doesnt disappear when clutch dipped. Its deffo not engine, more speed related??
I'm led to believe 70-80 should be no problem in a good td5, on muds. Well this one is on AT's. 

Right so heres what I've done:
*Fully serviced 
*Blanked EGR
*ECU Plug cleaned after harness
*Wastegate actuator freed off
*Filter head replaced with new internals in the right locations
*cleaned MAP sensor
* ran without MAF

Pump seems to be okay noise wise, primed it today after filter change and filter housing and all good. 

It is running without a centre box and a cat, which although sounds great. Isnt good for volume at all, so I think a centre silencer will be ordered. 

Any ideas why I cant get it into a good cruising speed please guys, and whatcould the rattle/jingling be? 

Thanks guys 

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It should rev freely and happily pull over 70 in standard form...

Is air filter clean / does it blow black smoke under acceleration / under load?

Does it feel like it's running smooth? (May still need to change the injector loom in under the rocker cover..)

If you run without MAF, it should feel quite dead for 15 seconds then give a reasonable drive, but nothing as good as with a working MAF.

MAP sensor will affect it if dead... Cleaned doesn't mean working !

Do you have anyone local to put diagnostics on it?

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Thanks for the help. 

Took it to a land rover indy today, who very quickly put it on diagnostics, which read zero as a MAF reading. He said also that unplugging the MAF will make it drive better. However it was worse?! And slower. 

MAP sensor cleaned in the inlet manifold. All filters new. 

I think the majority of the problem with the noise is the actual centre silencer removed. It's awful, way too noisy 

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It's not a great deal of money, replace the MAP sensor.

The ECU does have a fall back map for MAF failure and in some cases people do report an improvement, but in the majority of cases it will result in a lack lustre performance.

Get a decent brand of MAF.. Siemens etc.


I drove with a straight through centre section for a few years and have since reverted as it was a bit "boomy" and droned on long journeys.

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