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Fancy A Day Driving Off Road ?

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as the header says.............................

The AWDC ( http://www.awdc.co.uk) are hosting a 'drive around day' at HOGMOOR (Near Slab Common Hampshire) next weekend.

Will suit 1st timers, (ask for help when you sign on) ...oh, and the more "Seasoned" off roaders.

Heres a link :


If you do pop along, come say "Hi" and introduce yourself to me, I'll be their Recovering with others .....

Grey 90 V8 Hardtop - HCG678


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I enquired about membership etc: and this is the repsonse. If all goes well, I should be there for a pootle. :blink:

You can join in as 'public' the cost will be £25 for the car, opens10.00am to 3.30 once paid drive as much as you wish. (it is this coming sunday, 25 Sep)

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If you do pop along, come say "Hi" and introduce yourself to me, I'll be their Recovering with others .....

Grey 90 V8 Hardtop - HCG678

I did go after finding the place; went through central Farnham instead of satying on A31 then zipped past the entrance which was nothing more than an orange arrow over some kerb stones!!!

The 2.5 miles drive round wasn't too bad, nice, dry and sandy with maybe two points that required a bit of thought and skill. On one lap there was someone in a freelander :huh: doing the course that I think managed to go all the way round!!! Quite impressive really!

Later in the afternoon some of the AWD chappies set up a mini trial course with the aid of canes that looked quite tricky; when I decided to have a go, went round with no probs other than getting bogged down in 6 inch deep sand! so appearances can be deceptive.

Didn't see HFH but did see another Nigel that drives an orange/blue bobtail.

Seemed to be a lot of RRs about and not too many series?

All in all was a good day out; takes time to get back into it- my last trip off road was 10 mths ago!!!

Peopel were whingeing there was no burger van :unsure:

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Nice to meet you Nige!

Impressed by your 90, and the boys loved the sound of that Eale's V8.

Glad to see you failed to pull the front axle off Robin's Disco at going home time!

I had my 7 year old, two of his friends and their dad for the day, we had a good time, despite the course being rather tame. I understand that it is set out for first timers, and I thought the setting out of practice trials sections was a very good idea which my friend had a go at.

Fortunately we were able to locate a few more interesting bits off the beaten track to play on. It is just a shame that there wasn't more water, as that might have made the drive round a bit more entertaining.

All in all a good day out.

Sorry didn't get to meet you 02GF74.

Regards, Diff

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Hi Diff,

Nice to place a name to a face.....sorry I was a bit busy !

As you say no water, it was like the sites plug hole had been pulled out, I have been there when it was wet and its a nightmare, porridge 1200 acres of it is the only way I can describe it...

But, with no water the sand was power sapping, and also in some palces hard, I dragged 8 broken 4x4s out during the day

Vitara - Blown front diff

RR front and rear diff (tried harder after bang from rear - then bang from friont then me tow truck ) :rolleyes:

Series 111 - mainshaft

90 200 tdi- split rad

Dahatsu something went bang

Suzuki SJ boiled over big time

and finally

Jand rover BOTH CV blown

JW limped home bit hacked off as blew something in gearbox, but he was at warp 9 trying a near vertcial climb with some others me included !

Think this is where you were when you caught up wuith us ?

JW crested the hill 2nd time or 3rd


Belive me when I say this was seriously steep, photos do tend to make flat that which in real life (as this) people go FFS you are not serious are you ?

I made a pigs breakfast of it, too much BHP and too aggressive tyres, did get up in the end, but as Mark noticed I got just a bit fed up and was flat out in 2nd and then changed up to 3rd half way up the hill, sand and pikies everywhere !

All in all a good day out, well attended and many said at the end a great days driving for £20

See you around


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Is that the hill next to where the awd were laying out the mini trials?

If so, then it was more like 45 degrees; not sure what happened with the photo but it has made it look mincey 1 :P

Some bloke was trying to get up it in a white disco, trashing the front valence with each failed attampt until if came away entirely... but he did get up it. Likewise someone in a greay Isuzu, road tytes by the look of it magage it!! No finese, just foot down seemed to be the way up.

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